We understand that accidents are an unavoidable occurrence when running a fleet, no matter how big or small.
Third Party Capture is the term to describe contacting the innocent party after an accident. From here, all attempts are made to help keep claim costs to a minimum.

These accidents can not only be detrimental to the day to day logistics of running your business but as accident costs mount up, more and more companies that insure fleets of vehicles are finding that the effect of these accidents can have a potentially long term threat to the success and sustainability of the Company.

We know that there are hundreds of Claim Management Companies which will happily be there for you when an accident is not your fault. But where are they when you need them most? Quite often representing the Third Party and making money by preying on your misfortune, thatís where CAMS differ.

Here at CAMS we are working with you the whole time. Ideally, we know that you donít want the accidents to ever happen, but when they do, you need a company that is going to make sure that your Company is not going to receive unnecessarily overvalued claims being made on your Policy.

We have a claim procedure that works with you and your drivers so that in the event of an accident which is the fault of your driver, weíll be there taking care of everyone involved. We understand how the most innocuous of incidents can evolve into huge costs and we work transparently with our Clients so they can see exactly how claims are progressing and how we keep costs to an absolute minimum. This can only be positive when that dreaded policy renewal comes around.

When your driver has been unfortunate to have been in an accident which wasnít their fault, we will take care of everything including repairs, replacement vehicles and any uninsured losses. We will liaise with the at-fault insurer and recover all costs, therefore avoiding unnecessary claims on your own policy.

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